The 3 Essential Principles Of The Zen Mind

In order to be at peace with oneself and the world around them, an understanding of a Zen mind principles can be quite enlightening. .

Master these and you will be able to find serenity.

We all come from the same thing.

People often attempt to define things by their names, but names are human made. Instead, realize that everything comes from the same place and therefore, are the same thing.

Opinions cloud reality.

Once a person develops an opinion, it changes how they perceive their world. At their core, before thought, every mind is the same and that’s how to achieve peace within and among the rest of the world.

Practice patience, faith, courage, and questioning.

In order to achieve a Zen mind, one must have faith, be courageous enough to bring one’s energy to the task, and when one questions with great sincerity, it will lead to the don’t know mind.


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