Shatter the Myth: Create Your Own Hero-Story

Do you think of yourself as a hero?

No? Let me ask you this.

Have you heard an inner call, something that draws you forward and inspires you to discovery?

The universal myth of the Hero’s Journey is the archetypal story of the search for self. The story begins when the hero receives an inner “call to adventure.” You know the times when your life presents something unexpected, maybe even threatening? That’s the call.
The journey continues when the Hero answers the call, doing battle with (inner) dragons, crossing wind-swept pathways over raging rivers and traversing unknown lands. The journey culminates in Initiation. This is where the Hero receives inner knowledge that is to be shared with the world.

Your Self-Stories on Auto-Loop

We tell ourselves stories all the time. About life. “It’s a struggle.” About who we are. “I’m not good at math, at art, at public speaking…” About what’s possible. “If only I were smarter, had more money, didn’t have these obligations hanging over me…”

You’d think we would get weary of listening to our crummy stories. That we’d prefer to shift our attention to something more energizing.

Yet we hold back, self-doubt keeping the weather-beaten stories on a continual loop.

Listen closely. What is the story you tell yourself? Find out by listening to your inner dialogue. That can tell you a lot about your “self-stories.” Self-stories carry the template that you embody with your beliefs and your day-to-day actions.

Let me explain.

Notice if your life story has been scripted to follow your belief about other people’s expectations. Were you motivated to adopt your script to get someone’s approval? Then you take on stories that don’t even fit your own beliefs. It’s like struggling into a two-sizes too small pair of pants. That story becomes your truth, a self-story formed by constriction.

What is your story?
Whatever it is, know there is more to life and more to understand about yourself than any story you’ve adopted.

In order to access your story, you must be willing to leave what you know—or think you know. You must set off for unknown lands without real knowledge of either the destination or the outcome. You become both the explorer and the researcher.

Your field is yourself. Your reward is discovering the essence of who you are.

Yes, it’s that big. It’s worth it.

Becoming the Hero of Your Story

It is essential to discover your real story. Take a moment right now to see if the one you’ve been telling yourself feels true. Remember that your feeling body is your key for discerning that. Use your body as a barometer to see if your story resonates. Resonance feels like flow. When you reflect on your story, does your body crimp? Or feel open and relaxed?

Consider the mountains you have traversed to get where you are today. Reflect on the oceans you have made your way across, battling waves of doubt about your fortitude to continue.

What initiations have you received?
These are the lessons you have learned and made your own. Embrace the learning. Celebrate it. This becomes the heart of your message to share with the world. It may relate to a feeling of life purpose.

Notice that your message evolves as you change. It’s never the same as it was before.

Claim authorship of your own story.
Become your own hero. Begin a new story-line. Write a new chapter. Add new characters. Most important of all, see yourself as the hero of your life.

If not you, who else would it be? The Hero’s voice is unique. Your voice is unique.

Discover the truth of who you are as life continues to unfold.

What is your unique voice?
The world needs you.

Bestselling author, Illuminator and Master Teacher, Laurie Seymour, M.A., founded The Baca Journey to teach leaders and emerging leaders how to reliably connect with their inner wisdom—their personal GPS. She shows them how to sustain their inner connection so that they can discover the answers to their deepest questions. As Turaya Grand Master, Laurie teaches Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation online and around the world.

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