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    9 Traits of a Rockstar Part-Time CFO

    When you are taking on funding or expanding your businesses, and looking to add a CFO, but may only need one part-time, what are the traits that you need to focus on. We asked nine entrepreneurs what they look for in a part-time CFO? Financial Modeling Experience The CFO should have strong financial modeling skills [...]
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    It’s Time For The Tech Industry To Make Room For Women

    It was, for a moment, almost surprising to hear Michelle Obama’s chosen topic for her recent address to Silicon Valley executives at Apple’s WWDC conference: Gender equality in the tech industry? We currently live in a world in which a shining example of an empowered and successful woman like Michelle Obama is in the news [...]
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    6 Proven Business Growth Strategies for Startups

    Growing business is one of the most challenging situations you will face as an entrepreneur. In order to successfully grow your business, you will have to accurately gauge your current performance as well as your limitations. Attempting to expand operations too quickly has historically sunk innumerable, otherwise perfectly good, businesses. If, however, you grow your [...]
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    The 10 Things NOT To Do When Pitching a Venture Capitalist

    There’s a lot in the press these days about the behavior of some venture capitalists toward women entrepreneurs. The industry – or at least parts of it – needs to change. That isn’t what this article is about. (It is, however, what this article is about.) This article is instead about what I’ve learned pitching venture capitalists for Ellevest. [...]
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    Rich doctors are beginning to offer their time —and money— to health-tech start-ups

    Investing in health start-ups is all the rage. Now, doctors are getting into the game. At least two groups, FundRx in New York and angelMD in Seattle, are connecting physicians with cash to spare with medical startups in need of funding. AngelMD's pitch to companies: Close a round with funding from "those who know healthcare the most." Do doctors [...]
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    Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong

    When your team is tasked with generating ideas to solve a problem, suggesting a brainstorming session is a natural reaction. But does that approach actually work? Although the term “brainstorming” is now used as a generic term for having groups develop ideas, it began as the name of a specific technique proposed by advertising executive Alex […] More

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    What AI Strategy Should Your Startup Adopt?

    The first 6-game match between Gary Kasparov and Deep Blue, played in 1996, ended in a 4–2 win for Kasparov. The world slept better after those games. But our joy at the superiority we still held over ‘the computer’ was short-lived because just over a year later, Deep Blue defeated Kasparov 3 1/2 — 2 1/2 games. […] More

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    You Don’t Need a CTO to Launch Your Startup

    Founders often ask us if they need a CTO in order to get funding for their startups. Investors tell them things like, “If you can’t attract a CTO, then you must not have a compelling company.” Sometimes they’ll say, “I only invest in companies that have strong tech leadership.” Unfortunately, this conventional wisdom is misleading. […] More

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    New York’s Tech Success Isn’t Measured Just In IPOs

    Recently, VentureBeat published a report about “New York City’s overhyped startup scene,” an article that used Yext’s then-impending IPO to make a case that a lack of flashy IPOs and exits somehow indicated New York’s tech and startup environment has not thrived. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While New York may lack a […] More

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