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    5 Things All Runners Should Do (But Probably Don’t)

    Runners do a repetitive pattern of movement that can result in problems if they’re not careful. Repeated frontal plane contractions (the same muscles working in the same direction over and over again) will result in tightness and/or injury unless runners do a few good things to prevent that. Even though I was at the peak […] More

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    7 Things You Need To Know

    1. Putting your hair in a bun could be making you bald. The top knot and man bun (or “mun”) hairstyles have led to an uptick in cases of traction alopecia. The style results in tightly pulled hair that, when frequently worn this way, leads to gradual, spot-specific hair loss. (Huffington Post Australia) 2. One […] More

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    I Did These 7 Things & Became A Faster Runner

    After running my first marathon, I was in so much pain I thought I’d never run again. Yet, after the pain subsided, I realized maybe it was my running technique that had put me in this position. Here are some principles I found and used along the way to improve my form. These tips have […] More

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    13.1 Tips For Your First Half Marathon

    If you’re new to running and have just signed up for your first half marathon, I know exactly how you feel. A mixture of emotions churn your stomach as you make the overwhelming realization that running 13.1 miles is a daunting prospect, especially if you’re a beginner and the idea of even running one mile […] More

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    10 Reasons Running Is The Best Kind Of Therapy

    I’ve always hated running. Even more than that, I’ve always hated “enduring” anything — whether it be a situation, an emotion or a relationship that needed to end. In a moment of insanity, I started combining these two hatreds, running and enduring, and I’m a new woman because of it. Last October I started running […] More

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    First Female Bilateral Amputee Marathon Runner

    Jami Goldman-Marseilles, a 47-year-old kindergarten teacher in Orange County, California, has a list of accomplishments that read like a backstory for a character in an inspirational film. When she was 19, Marseilles narrowly avoided death in a tragic accident which resulted in the amputation of both of her legs below-the-knee. That loss would become the […] More

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