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    6 Struggles I Had To Give Up To Be Happy

    Every time I think about my childhood, I get angry. A time that should have been filled with happy moments spent learning and growing was ruined by physical abuse. This wasn’t just spanking — it went far beyond that. Chairs, lamp switches, and sticks were used as instruments of punishment. The scars I developed went […] More

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    Relaxation is not just for the lazy, turns out it has incredible health benefits

    (NaturalNews) In today’s fast-paced, deadline-driven times, relaxation seems more of a fantasy or unnecessary luxury that only the lazy covet. However, research shows that relaxation is far from a way to put off work or disengage from society forever; it’s necessary for maintaining physical and mental health. Not relaxing enough has been linked to health […] More

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    Meditation and relaxation techniques are important for overall health

    (NaturalNews) Meditation, perhaps once thought of as a questionable way to achieve inner peace or even considered pseudoscience, has quickly gained popularity by many seeking to give their overall health a boost. In addition to it being a calming practice, it’s heralded for its several health benefits ranging from improved pain tolerance to keeping depression […] More

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    8 Affirmations for New Beginnings

    Here are some affirmations for new beginnings, no matter when in the calendar you start to observe your new year. I love the New Year’s holiday because it feels like a fresh start—a blank notebook to write in, a story untold. And I enjoy all the different ways of celebrating a new year from cultures […] More

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    7 Practices To Be A Calm, Mindful Parent (Even When Life Gets Crazy)

    As a mindfulness teacher in an elementary school, I’m thrilled that mindfulness has become so popular. (It warmed my heart to see that my mindbodygreen piece, “7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Mindfulness,” has been shared almost 100,000 times on Facebook!) In case you’re wondering what mindfulness is, it’s simply the act of bringing […] More

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    9 Steps To Actually Getting Sh*t Done

    Psychologists describe perfectionism as “striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations.” We know that the right mindset is key to achieving happiness and success. Ultimately, the belief that perfectionism is necessary for success can hold us back, run us down, and lead to […] More

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