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    How To Do Yoga With Kids

    If you’ve experienced the benefits of yoga firsthand, you may be inspired to share it with the children in your life. After all, research suggests that yoga may help increase a child’s self-worth and sense of well-being, reduce symptoms of mild depression among young adults, and relieve ADHD. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, an aunt, uncle, […] More

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    Polish Your Listening Skills Using Mirroring & Reflective Listening to Deepen Your Relationships

    Mirroring and reflective listening are two ways to develop a better rapport with friends, coworkers, and family members. Whether you are looking for simple ways to ease conflicts when emotions are running high, or just want the person you are speaking with to know you hear them, these related techniques from the counseling world can […] More

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    On Mothering And Daughtering

    On Mothering by Sil Reynolds I have been mothering since I was a child. Truth be told, I doted on my dolls into adolescence, and early on embraced the mother archetype as both a personal and professional path for life. Happily, my teachers in nursing school encouraged the development of my intuition and empathy as […] More

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    Why Is Staying In Love So Hard?

    Omega: In The Master Key, you wrote that “falling in love has more in common with spiritual illumination that we might think. The difference is that in one case, we awaken alone and in the other, we awaken in mutuality.” But you said that mutual awakening isn’t easy. Why do our romantic relationships “feel like […] More

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    7 Practices To Be A Calm, Mindful Parent (Even When Life Gets Crazy)

    As a mindfulness teacher in an elementary school, I’m thrilled that mindfulness has become so popular. (It warmed my heart to see that my mindbodygreen piece, “7 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Mindfulness,” has been shared almost 100,000 times on Facebook!) In case you’re wondering what mindfulness is, it’s simply the act of bringing […] More

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    5 Steps to Loving Everyone

    The human realm is said to be the realm of passion. Passion is what holds us together; confused passion is what entraps us, and transformed passion is what can liberate us. Although our passion is often tainted by the tendency to grasp or possess, in essence, it is accepting of others. Passion is attraction, whereas […] More

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    Walking Meditation for Kids

    Walking Meditation is a grounding and steadying mindfulness activity that gives your child access to something that she can do anytime and anyplace when she needs to tune in to her own body and mind. It is a simple but supportive practice. The repetitive movement is soothing, and for many children the movement helps to […] More

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    Raising a Daughter Body Sane

    When my friend Melissa’s daughter Anna was about 12, she noticed that her belly was expanding—it looked as though a lifesaver was sitting on top of her hips, gently encircling her body. It was with some alarm that she said to her mother, “Look, Mom—I’m fat!” Like all our daughters, Anna was beautiful and unique. […] More

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    Creativity as Spiritual Practice

    An Interview With Alex Grey and Allyson Grey, Part 2 Omega: How do your creative and spiritual lives intertwine—are they separate or one in the same? Alex and Allyson: Our creative and spiritual lives are completely entangled and indistinguishable. Integrating creativity as spiritual practice is the core teaching of CoSM. Artists working together form an […] More

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    Healing Relationships, Not People

    Focusing on the “Space Between” to Create Real Love We need to answer the call to become each other’s healers. It means that you avoid, at all cost, re-wounding each other so that you can become true advocates for each other. Only for the strong-willed, this is an art—an honor—a sacred duty. Creating Safe Space […] More

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