One 60-minute run can add 7 hours to your life

Beside lowering a person’s risk of cancer and heart disease, it can also prolong one’s life by a non-negligible amount.

What is more, the research revealed that a one-hour run can extend your life by up to seven hours.

According to, the study’s authors found that while other types of exercise like walking and cycling were linked to a longer lifespan, it wasn’t to the same degree as running. Actually, the benefits plateau at running four hours a week.

A new study shows running could help people live longer.

The scientists also tried to determine how much of running is necessary to be able to benefit from the increase in life expectancy.

Nonetheless, the latest research found only a significant link between running and longevity.

This is probably because runners have an overall healthy lifestyle choices, like weight maintenance, no smoking, little or no drinking, etc.

Running slashes your risk of early death by 40 percent, even if you don’t run very fast, even if you start running later in life, even if you’re a smoker or a drinker, and even if you’re overweight or have high blood pressure.

Researchers say over the course of a lifetime, regular running could give you about three extra years.

The team of researchers carrying out the study made a decision to take help from available research and investigate the benefits of other forms of exercise and how running was more effective. Federal guidelines also recommend mixing aerobic exercises such as running with strength training.