5 Add-ons that will make Your House Look Grand

We are always looking to the internet for house improvement hacks that we can use in order to beautify our humble abodes. Well look no further because here are some add-ons you can consider to make your house the palace you’ve always dreamed of:

  1. Invest on upgrading your hardware

The trick in identifying whether a house is expensive or bought cheap is by looking at small things such as hardware. These are the door knobs, curtain holders, shower curtain rings and other installations usually taken for granted because of the small part they play in the massiveness of the house. But these are the ones often noticed by visitors because if you took the time to think and choose these small items then of course you have the dollar to spend on them. Invest on upgrading those small trinkets of the home and surely your home will look like it’s been designed by a professional. Start with this step and then proceed to the bigger upgrades.

  1. Design your landscape elements

Landscaping is the first thing anyone notices prior to entering the house. Is your lawn regularly kept, and is it designed in a way wherein ideas are presented. Whether you have a wide garden area or limited open area, adding a patio cover will surely be a hit to the family. A patio is a place where you can spend your time reading or entertain guests. By installing a patio cover, the overall luxury of the place is boosted. You may opt to let greens climb the patio cover to make it look more natural, or install framed artworks or photos that can give the patio its own distinct character- make it a reflection of your home.

  1. Upgrade your vinyl floors

Most homes use vinyl or linoleum flooring because its inexpensive and easy to maintain. The thing is, they usually come in weird patterns and color swatches that do not compliment the design we are aiming at. Fret not, you will not dispose or replace the flooring itself but repaint it. Vinyl and linoleum flooring can be upgraded by using a porch and floor latex satin enamel found in stores, and painting it with the pattern and color you prefer. Floors play a crucial part of the overall feel of a room, and when you learn how to improvise, things become a little bit better.

  1. Repaint when necessary

Nothing expresses luxury than a clean painted wall and clean cabinetry. Due to wear and tear, your paint finish might look too dirty or too old. To brighten up the house, try repainting every couple of years. Do not be limited to wall painting, but also do try to upgrade the colors of your cabinet and closet finish. A good paint job defines a classy home, keep your home as clean as it can be.

  1. Pick storage that can hide clutter

The usual shelf-type storage is easy to assemble and use, but most of the time it leaves the are looking untidy because the clutter is exposed and materials are unorganized. What you can do is add a curtain rod to these shelving units to serve as covers, or if you have extra money then invest on new storage units that are chic and can keep clutter away from people’s eyes. It may also help that you de-clutter every once in a while- throw away anything that you haven’t used for the past year, you have not used it for a reason and it does not need to be with you forever. If a house is kept untidy, then the perception is there’s not maid to clean things up, and that you do not have enough time to keep the house clean. Allow your home to breathe from clutter and it will look grand and expensive.

Dreaming of a bigger house is not bad, but appreciating what you have now is what’s more important. You can make your house look grand by simply focusing on making it clean and adding items that are not usually seen with other homes. Invest on the things that you will use today, give it an extra boost and never underestimate the power of little things that you can improve.

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