9 Reasons Why Wear Contact Lenses vs Glasses

With the rapidly evolving world and growing technology around us, humans have to change and adapt from time to time in order to stay up to date with the latest trends. These changes come in all forms and they take you a step ahead from where you stood yesterday. One major breakthrough in the medical world came about when lenses were introduced into the market as opposed to traditional glasses.

Initially, the types of lenses invented were not as user-friendly and would not allow oxygen to reach your eyes leading to drying out and irritability. However, with further advancements in technology, lenses have evolved and are now extremely comfortable, convenient and setting the latest trends in the fashion world.

Even though some people may argue that the use of conventional glasses is much more convenient than taking care of and applying contact lenses, lenses today add much more pros than cons over the use of glasses.

·        Lenses allow a natural field of view.

As opposed to glasses, lenses sway with the movement of your eyes and the latest curvature technology allows you to experience a natural field of view just as you would if you did not need visual assistance. However, glasses only allow a limited view of your surroundings as they are rigid and do not adjust themselves.

·        No frames to obstruct your vision.

Unlike glasses, you wouldn’t have to see thick, rigid flames blocking your view while you constantly try to look past it. Your peripheral vision is unobstructed allowing you to view your surrounding more clearly and comfortably.

·        Lenses do not fog up or get scratches easily.

An amazing quality about lenses is that they are suitable to all weathers whether it is hot, humid, cold or dry. Your lenses won’t fog up and cause a rim of sweat to drip down your face in the most terrible weather!
And unlike glasses, it is very difficult and almost impossible to have scratches on your lenses leading to a blurred view.

·        Excellent for use in sports and other outdoor activities.

Unlike glasses, lenses do not carry the risk of harming or breaking while a tough physical activity is taking place and it is the most convenient to use as you can focus entirely on your sport without having to worry about dropping or breaking them. It is unlikely that your lenses will ever get dislodged and cause any trouble while playing sports whereas dislodgment is a problem with glasses.

·        Provides a more natural look.

Wearing lenses almost seems as if you aren’t wearing anything at all and this helps you maintain your natural appearance without having to change it by wearing glasses. Without any apparent change, your lenses will help you see better and appear just as normal.

·        Boosts your confidence.

Some people feel rather under-confident if they have to wear glasses with thick lenses and bold rims in public. Or some people feel that glasses do not compliment their natural features and don’t suit them. With lenses, all of these problems are solved and you can stay as confident as you always were with your natural appearance. Your lenses will always compliment your fashion sense rather than clashing with it.

·        Lenses enhance your facial aesthetics.

Do you ever feel like being creative and changing the colour of your eyes from black or brown to green, blue or gray? If yes, then Solotica coloured contact lenses are the best ones for you to choose chic and trendy lenses which are not only creative, but extremely fun wear.

·        Lenses can correct your visual impairments.

It’s true! Lenses can reshape your cornea overnight and temporarily correct common visual impairments such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. What’s better than using contacts which can actually help you see better as well as possibly reverse the damage done to your eyesight?

·        You can wear sunglasses and protective eyewear on top of your lenses.

Unlike with glasses, you can wear trendy sunglasses and other necessary eyewear along with your lenses which not only help you see better but also allows you to embrace your looks without any compromise.

As a conclusion to the above-stated facts, lenses are extremely easy to use, portable, comfortable and easy to adapt to. Modern-day lenses are breathable as well as soft which does not cause any irritation or redness to your eyes. They are disposable and cheap hence it’s best to make the right decision right now and switch from your traditional glasses too much more chic and trendy alternatives.

If you want cool chic lenses Solotica colored contact lenses maybe one of the options.


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