Legal @ Bloopost

Making Bloopost Fair and Safe

We thrive to create a positive impact in our world and encourage creative minds to inspire millions to lead happier and healthier life. Creative ideas can only flourish in an environment governed by transparency, trust, and fairness – values that reflect the core essence of Bloopost.

Your ownership and rights

You own everything that you write on Bloopost. We don’t sell or share it to anyone else. There is no restriction on or penalty on deleting your post or your entire account. You can use Bloopost to make or mix your creative works, and assign appropreate intellectual rights . If someone is using Bloopost  to unlawfully copy or distribute your creative work without permission, or confuse people about your identity, company, or product, we’ll investigate and where appropriate, take it down. Bloopost doesn’t sell your personal information, and we respect Do Not Track.