Scientists Have Found a Link Between a Strong Handshake and Heart Attacks

Chances of a heart attack, stroke or death in youth can be measured thanks to the palm, as suggested by a new medical study

The study, which was attended by almost 140 thousand people in 14 countries, is published in the medical journal Lancet, reports the BBC.

The results of scientific work show that the power of handshaking is even the best way to predict heart problems than blood pressure.

The International Research Group believes that measuring the strength of the handshake will be a “simple and inexpensive” tool for doctors.

The maximum force with which you are able to squeeze your hand naturally decreases with age. But those who have the strength of the handshake too quickly, may be at greater risk of health problems, the study suggests.

Women of 25 years of age have a palm compression force of 34 kg, which drops to 24 kg at the age of 70. The corresponding figures for men are 54 kg and 38 kg, respectively.

A large-scale study in 14 countries showed that a decrease in the grip strength of the hand for every 5 kg increases the chances of early death by 16%. Chances of fatal heart disease increase by 17%, and stroke – by 9%.

Now doctors calculate the chances of a heart attack or stroke due to the patient’s questionnaire, where he indicates the age, whether he smokes, the degree of obesity, cholesterol level, blood pressure, place of residence and family history.

Researchers argue that the power of the handshake gives more accurate predictions than just blood pressure and can become a new tool for risk assessment.

“Further research is needed to establish whether efforts to improve muscle strength reduce the risk of early death of a person and cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Darryl Leong, one of the researchers at McMaster University in Canada.

It is still unknown why the deterioration of heart health can be manifested through a weak handshake. There is an assumption that strengthening (hardening) of the arteries reduces muscle strength.


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