How To Use Ayurveda In Menopause

Female menopause is by far one of the most critical phases in a woman’s life and hence it is very important that adequate care is taken during this period.

The signs of menopause include irregular periods, hot flushes, tiredness, irritability, mood swings, and many more.

If adequate care is not taken it can lead to joint pains, osteoporosis, permanent skin pigmentation, depression etc.

There are a few things that one can do through ayurveda to prevent or reduce the intensity of the problems and thus make menopause an easier process.

Calcium & Iron Supplements:

  • Go for natural iron and calcium supplements that are available in the form of tablets or tonics.
  • And make sure that the supplements are taken under medical prescription.
  • Adequate calcium and iron prevents osteoporosis, anemia, weakness, tiredness and joint pains.

Weight Care:

  • Chances of weight gain are very high during menopause.
  • It is important during menopause to exercise regularly.
  • A simple 20 minutes brisk walk can do a lot of good in managing your weight!

Regular Massages:

  • This is a very effective practice to prevent joint pains, skin pigmentation, weakness, tiredness and weight gain.
  • Go for massages with sesame oil/coconut oil/herbal oils.
  • In case you already suffer from problems like arthritis, obesity etc., it is better to use medicated herbal oils for the same.
  • If it is not possible to visit a massage center, a simple application of warm oil all over the body followed by a hot water bath once a week will do.

Skin Care:

  • During menopause there are chances that one may witness drastic changes in the skin in the form of hyperpigmentation, dry skin, dull skin etc.
  • One of the simplest home remedies to prevent these skin changes is regular application of a mixture of freshly ground almond paste (1 teaspoon), turmeric (1/4 teaspoon) and honey (1/2 teaspoon) on your face and hands.
  • Wash it off after half an hour and you will realise that your skin is glowing and healthy!

Intake of Ghee and Fenugreek:

  • The very mention of ghee would definitely raise a few eyebrows.
  • But ayurveda believes that optimum amount of ghee (1/2 teaspoon per day) is necessary for the body.
  • It prevents joint wear and tear, provides the necessary amount of oil for hair and skin and it aids in digestion.
  • Fenugreek on the other hand is a natural hormone balancer and is hence very useful during menopause.
  • Dry roast fenugreek seeds can be powdered and have about half a teaspoon of this powder everyday.

Me Time!

  • Lastly and most importantly, set aside some time for yourself.
  • You can meditate, listen to music, read or do whatever that relaxes you.
  • Some people may experience irritability, mood swings, anxiety, depression etc., during menopause.
  • And a much deserved “Me Time” will help prevent them.

For further details regarding ayurvedic menopausal care consult an ayurveda specialist online at




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