Study: Every 5 Minutes Someone Dies From A Blood Clot! 7 Food That Fight DVT Naturally

What Are Blood Clots?
It is normal for blood to clot if you experience a cut or scrape. However, if your blood clots in your deep veins a “deep vein thrombosis”, or DVT may form. DVTs can partially or completely block the flow of bood in the deep veins.

Blood clots do not discriminate by age, gender, ethnicity or race. It can affect anyone from infants and young children to teens, young those in middle age or senior citizens. A blood clot is diagnosed once every minute. It is estimated that Each year approx 100,000-180,000 Americans die as the result of pulmonary embolism, a complication from blood clots in the lungs.

7 Food That Prevent Blood Clots Naturally

Garlic is regarded as a rejuvenator and it helps to remove toxins from blood. It stimulates blood circulation and revitalise it. Garlic prevents the formation of blood clots by dissolving excess fat deposits in blood vessels

Red Wine or Grape Juice
Several studies done at the University of Wisconsin have found substances called flavonoids in purple grapes can help prevent blood clots by making platelets. The research suggests drinking moderate amounts of red wine or purple grape juice.

Cinnamon keeps the blood vessels activated and maintains the thickness of blood to prevent clot formation. You can make a decoction by boiling one inch cinnamon stick in one glass of water till it is reduced to half. Drink this decoction once a day.

Virgin Olive Oil
A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the phenols in virgin olive oil can help prevent blood clots. In the study, people who ate virgin olive oil with a high phenol content had lower levels of a substance that promotes blood clots.

Celery contains an active compound that acts to lower stress hormones, which thins or narrows blood vessels. This way, blood vessels maintain their optimum diameter.

Calcium is a proven blood thickener that also helps build strong, thick blood vessels. Try foods high in calcium to increase your blood’s ability to clot effectively.

Vitamin C
This powerful vitamin is an antioxidant and actively works to maintain proper vascular health.

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