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    Sexual Stereotypes Can Lead to Unhealthy Sexual Relationships

    Female college students who believe women are subservient and who endorse music media’s degradation of women are more likely to be involved in an unhealthy sexual relationship, according to research from WSU’s Murrow Center for Media & Health Promotion Research. Stacey J.T. Hust, associate professor in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, and her […] More

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    New Harvard Study Surprising Results On Millennials “Hook-Up Culture” And It’s Not What You Think

    If you’re one of the people who wants to slam your head against a wall when you hear the term “hook-up culture” (me!), then a new survey released this week from the Harvard Graduate School of Education may be music to your ears. The report, called “Making Caring Common,” found that not only do young adults not […] More

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    Texas anti-masturbation bill moves closer to becoming law

    Under the Man’s Right to Know Act, Texan men would be fined $100 for every ‘unregulated masturbatory emission’ – although they may be reassured to learn this is a satirical bill highlighting how women have been targeted by anti-abortion laws. Texas state representative Jessica Farrar has proposed her bill become law on September 1 A bill that would see […] More

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    The victorian view of same sex desire

    Nineteenth-Century Britain was famously prim about sex – and homosexuality in particular. Or was it? The life and work of the painter Simeon Solomon seem both to confirm and challenge this view, writes Holly Williams. Starting in 1861, with the abolition of the death penalty for sodomy, and ending in 1967, when the act between […] More

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    Growth Hormone Injections: Uses and Side Effects

    Hormones play a significant role in the body. They play a part in controlling nearly every major body function, including growth. If their body does not produce enough, a person may need to have growth hormone injections. Different hormones are responsible for controlling various body functions and processes. Hormones control processes such as: Growth and […] More

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    Tantric Sex 101: What It Is & How To Do It

    Throw the words “tantric sex” at your Tinder date and they’ll likely be intrigued and intimidated. To most people, the idea of tantric sex sounds exciting, unique, and maybe more pleasurable. But only a small percentage of those people know what it actually is. In many cultures, sex is considered merely recreational. Tantric sex is […] More

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    5 Yoga Positions for Better Sex

    Sex and yoga are similar because they are both an activity involving the connection between mind and body. But it’s easy for your sex drive to get blocked and clouded by the various stressors in your life. Yoga can clear up your stressed mind and increase your flexibility and sex drive. In fact, a study […] More

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    Why Is Staying In Love So Hard?

    Omega: In The Master Key, you wrote that “falling in love has more in common with spiritual illumination that we might think. The difference is that in one case, we awaken alone and in the other, we awaken in mutuality.” But you said that mutual awakening isn’t easy. Why do our romantic relationships “feel like […] More

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    Relationships as Regulators

    There’s a mountain of scientific evidence linking high quality relationships with good health. I want to start explaining why and how relationships can be good for our health. I’ll begin with a scenario we’ve all grown too familiar with: celebrities and public meltdowns. It seems wealth, the advent of social media and YouTube, and more […] More

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