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    12 Mind Techniques to be Likable

    Skills, attitude, knowledge, and smart work are essential elements of a fulfilling and successful life.  Along with these core aspects, a winning personality and a successful life are also dependent on small yet significant factors, such as people skills and networking. It is an established fact that successful people have effective people management skills and […] More

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    You’re More Powerful Than You Think

    “If you want to be tougher mentally, it is simple: Be tougher. Don’t meditate on it.” These words of Jocko’s helped one listener— a drug addict— get sober after many failed attempts. The simple logic struck a chord: “Being tougher” was, more than anything, a decision to be tougher. It’s possible to immediately “be tougher,” starting […] More

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    How To Be Young Forever

    Humans are fascinated with fighting off old age forever. Greek gods had ambrosia and Norse gods had golden apples. Ponce de León had the fountain of youth. Peter Thiel has young people’s blood. But what if there was actually a way to stay young? New studies suggest there is—and it doesn’t involve any hocus pocus or cutting edge [...]
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    Do You Believe in Beliefs?

    People often have many different beliefs about a subject and this is why they experience a little of this and a little of that. Having beliefs that are in conflict is the source of stress and struggle and mis-alignment with one’s self. Beliefs create our reality. If you don’t believe that to be true, your [...]
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    Are U.S. Teens Now as Inactive as 60-Year-Olds?

    Here’s some compelling evidence that Americans have become a sedentary bunch: Research suggests that the average teen is no more active than the average 60-year-old. Researchers analyzed data from more than 12,500 people of various ages who wore activity tracking devices for seven straight days as part of national health surveys conducted between 2003 and […] More

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    Sexual Stereotypes Can Lead to Unhealthy Sexual Relationships

    Female college students who believe women are subservient and who endorse music media’s degradation of women are more likely to be involved in an unhealthy sexual relationship, according to research from WSU’s Murrow Center for Media & Health Promotion Research. Stacey J.T. Hust, associate professor in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, and her […] More

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    How to Keep Yourself on the Hook For Health Goals

    What is intent without action? Hold yourself accountable for your best intentions with these tips from health and nutrition Expert Courtney Ferreira. Let’s talk about accountability. It’s true, we are all insanely busy just about every day, causing many of us to lose sight of our goals. Most people wake up each January 1st vowing it […] More

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    Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong

    When your team is tasked with generating ideas to solve a problem, suggesting a brainstorming session is a natural reaction. But does that approach actually work? Although the term “brainstorming” is now used as a generic term for having groups develop ideas, it began as the name of a specific technique proposed by advertising executive Alex […] More

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    Why You And The Universe Are One

    It takes a lot to overturn the accepted view of reality, but it doesn’t take a lot to begin. The accepted view of reality holds that human beings exist in the context of a vast physical universe “out there.” Only an extreme mystic would doubt this description, but all of us should. Sir John Eccles, a […] More

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