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    1,400 Acres Of Wonders, Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

    Peninsula Papagayo possesses one of the most extraordinary coastal landscapes and biological corridors on the planet. Now comes the opportunity to connect and celebrate this sprawling peninsula from end to end for the first time—creating an irreplaceable 1,400-acre playground of geo-luxury and transformational experiences amid some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes: 11 miles of […] More

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    You Could Have an Underwater Wedding in Monte-Carlo

    Weddings can be so much better, down where it’s wetter. If you love sea creatures, scuba diving, or just the movie “The Little Mermaid,” one hotel has your dream wedding all planned out. The Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo is reintroducing their underwater wedding package, which is like a guided scuba diving excursion that also involves tuxedo wetsuits. The […] More

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    Top 5 Friendliest Cities in the World

    A new study ranks the most welcoming cities in the world. Who was rated number one? A new study has analysed how welcoming different cities around the world are towards tourists. The TravelBird study explored how over-tourism affects locals in a number of countries, aiming to increase the conversation around sustainable travel. The top 500 global [...]
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    Did you know that there’s a country with Star Wars characters on its official currency? Or another that didn't celebrate the millennium until... 2007? The world is indeed a crazy place, but even we didn’t realize just how strange things could get until we came across this Quora thread; it details some of the most outlandish facts about some of the [...]
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    Get The Best Of Music, Fun and Adventure at These Awesome Music Festivals!

    Music festivals have become such an important part of the modern global culture in the recent times. Thousands of people gather together from all parts of the world and celebrate all kinds of music at numerous festivals around the world. Commonly themed around a genre of music, many music festivals now feature video projections, art […] More

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    Fall In Love With Split, Croatia

    [su_vimeo url=""] Fall in love with the turquoise waters of the Adriatic and the dramatic coastal mountain as a backdrop. Despite initial appearances, the city is not just a small tourist town. Split is actually Croatia's second largest city, and extends over a large area well beyond the ancient core. With over 300,000 people in [...]
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    10 Bucket List Worthy French Hotels

    10 Bucket List Worthy French Hotels Frankly, we could have easily come up with a bucket list of dream hotels for Paris alone, but we decided to cast a wider net and cover all of France. Here, a few favorites we’ve been lucky enough to visit, plus the dreamy spots we’re currently drooling over, both […] More

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    Five Days in Iceland

    As far as family vacation destinations go, Iceland is the kind of typographically and culturally extraordinary corner of the earth that captivates both kids and parents from touchdown to takeoff. For GP’s recent trip, Black Tomato—a world-renowned luxury travel company and our trusted resource for planning one-of-a-kind, experience-centric trips—took on the herculean task of building […] More

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    Fashion Breaks in Italy

    Although Paris was once considered to be the undisputed world capital of fashion, it now has many other European rivals, including several Italian cities. Of course, there are lively fashion scenes in New York and London, and Tokyo is also beginning to make an impact, however, there’s something magical about the style and class of […] More

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    The World’s Best Islands

    Tens of thousands of islands dot our planet’s oceans and seas. From New Zealand to the Philippines to South Carolina, these are the best of the best. The Philippines are having a moment. This year, three of the top 10 islands in the world, as decided by Travel + Leisure readers, are in this Asian archipelago. Every […] More