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    10 Home Remedies for Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

    Thick and long eyelashes have long been associated with feminine beauty which is ironic when you consider that there is no real difference in length and thickness between male and female lashes. To make things worse, years of applying mascara and false eyelashes has left many women’s lashes in a terrible condition, much worse than men’s, […] More

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    How Virtual Reality Is Helping Cosmetic Surgery Patients Take Back Control

    Cosmetic surgery used to be something reserved for the rich and famous. It went on behind closed doors and everything was very hush hush. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is becoming much more common, fueled in part by reduced costs and increased awareness. We’re all constantly aware of perfection all around us; it’s on billboards, on screens […] More

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    5 Ways Coffee Can Change Your Skincare Routine

    For most people, surviving an entire day without coffee can sound too difficult. Depending on the preparation, a cup of coffee can wake you up, soothe your nerves and freshen up your day. It’s a great help, especially if you are dealing with a lot of stress at work. However, if you think these are […] More

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    Nips, Tucks: Americans Reshaping Their Bodies

    Cosmetic procedures are on the rise and patients aren’t shy about what they’re tweaking, study finds From face-lifts to fat grafts, Americans are increasingly turning to cosmetic procedures to look their best. The number of these procedures in the United States rose 3 percent last year from 2015, according to the American Society of Plastic […] More

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    Why Hair Essences Are The Next Big Thing

    There are many elements of Charlotte D’Alessio’s life that read like a teenager’s fairy tale. Instagram didn’t exist when I was in high school, but I imagine I’d be pretty fascinated by the beautiful, leggy 17-year-old with more than 174,000 followers and a Wilhelmina Models contract, too. For the legions of aspiring Cool Teens™, D’Alessio, […] More

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    Fashion People Are Already Requesting The Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 collection was a study in tonality, and so were the wigs, individually dyed to match the pinks, creams, beiges, and brown shades of the clothes. Wear it dry, and you’ve got your standard dusting of color—classic and predictable (in a good way). But wet! Wearing it wet opens a whole new […] More

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    Big, Curly Hair: How To Manage God-Given Volume

    Kate Branch has a great head of hair—we’re talking signature volume and texture. Which is why, when she told us that she’d spent most of her lifetime in an epic battle against it, we pressed her on what changed her mind. Her response involved Sally Singer, Solange, and blowdrying only the top fourth of her […] More

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    Try This Cleansing Cream

    As dumb luck would have it, I stumbled into the hair equivalent of an e-cigarette entirely by accident. Tabloid in long-form, Anger details the scandals of Tinseltown’s very first stars (including Rudolph Valentino, Roscoe Arbuckle, and Clara Bow) against the backdrop of a city charged by rampant debauchery and high glamour. Whereas Hollywood Babylon deals mostly with […] More

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    Out With The Bob, In With The Twisted Bun

    Marlyn Alarm is a singer from Miami, Fla., undergoing formal gender transition after living a full year living as a woman. But her struggle with identity is not a new one. “Today I was asked when I realized I was in the wrong body. As much as it took me a really long time to […] More

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