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    Are Probiotics Worth The Cash?

    In case you’re not familiar with probiotics, they’re essentially live bacteria that are thought to promote a healthy gut and bestow various other benefits, including skin, urogenital and even mental health. As is typical in our culture, any idea that has some promise spawns new products attempting to capitalize on it. This, in turn, creates a […] More

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    5 Ways To Nourish Your Spleen In Chinese Medicine

    In Chinese Medicine, the Spleen is responsible for the transformation of the food we eat, and transporting the nutrients to the rest of the body. This is an important function, because the Spleen is the source of the formation of Qi and Blood. And, considering that Qi travels with Blood, and Blood is needed to nourish all systems […] More

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    Best Nootropics & Cognitive Enhancers Guide

    It is normal to desire a higher level of cognitive functionality. After all, studies have proven that there is a link between intelligence and wealth, and there is no good reason to allow the genetic lottery to determine how successful you can become. With this in mind, many people turn to science to help them increase […] More

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    How To Take Your CBD

    Finding Your Optimal Serving Sizes and Formats So you’ve decided to join the growing revolution of people using cannabidiol (CBD) for relief and support with anxiety, arthritis, pain, menopause symptoms, insomnia and other health issues. Now comes the truly hard decision: tinctures, topicals, vaporizers, edibles… Which is best for you? And how much should you take? If […] More

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    Good Fats vs Bad Fats

    You are what you eat? Our body’s require a wide array of nutrients — and fat is no exception. We’ve come to understand that saturated fats & essential fatty acids not only keep our belly’s full, but that they also keep us healthful. These nutrients actually become part of our physical make-up (our cell membranes) to ensure that we function [...]
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    6 Strategies to Eliminate Depression

    [su_youtube url=""] My Story I know how powerful Functional Medicine can become to eliminate depression because I struggled with it myself. My own brain broke one day in 1996. I felt like I had developed ADD, depression, and dementia all at once! I saw doctors and psychiatrists, but no one could find the cause for [...]
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    12 Things To Do If You Suffer From Sleeping Disorder

    A sleep disorder is a form of psychiatric disorder of the sleep patterns. The poor sleep quality can be either due to deficit in sleep i.e, insomnia or excessive sleep i.e, hypersomnia. Treating a sleep disorder by good sleep hygiene or practicing good sleep habits is as effective as medicinal treatment with less chances of side effects. First [...]
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    How To Use Ayurveda In Menopause

    Female menopause is by far one of the most critical phases in a woman’s life and hence it is very important that adequate care is taken during this period. The signs of menopause include irregular periods, hot flushes, tiredness, irritability, mood swings, and many more. If adequate care is not taken it can lead to [...]
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