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    Want To Sculpt Your Gluts? Here Is How

    Booty Building Background “When most people see a 30-day butt workout, it’s some 30 days of squats nonsense. With nothing but body weight exercises. Squats are an incredible full body movement, and body weight can be beneficial for toning and activating muscles. However, when the goal is to really tone and shape the lower body, [...]
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    10 Facts You Must Know About Workouts

    Exercise is said to be the best medicine for your health. If you exercise regularly, you will have the minimal health problems. Moreover, this medicine has no side effects other than good health, strong immune system, stronger heart, and lots more. In today’s busy life, it is hard to find time for any extra activity, […] More

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    Healthy Lifestyle Really Does Decrease Your Risk of Certain Cancers

     It really may be worth it to follow experts’ recommended cancer prevention guidelines, no matter your age, a new study finds. Credit: Cancer definition via Shutterstock People who follow cancer prevention guidelines, which focus on sticking to a healthy lifestyle, do have a lower risk of cancer, said lead study author Rachel Murphy, an assistant […] More

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    One 60-minute run can add 7 hours to your life

    Beside lowering a person’s risk of cancer and heart disease, it can also prolong one’s life by a non-negligible amount. What is more, the research revealed that a one-hour run can extend your life by up to seven hours. According to, the study’s authors found that while other types of exercise like walking and […] More

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    Get Jennifer Aniston’s Hot Body In Just 5 Minutes A Day

    For the past two springs, I’ve visited Antigua and am well aware of the mosquitoes that inhabit the Caribbean and the near impossibility of leaving without sunburn. Tabloid in long-form, Anger details the scandals of Tinseltown’s very first stars (including Rudolph Valentino, Roscoe Arbuckle, and Clara Bow) against the backdrop of a city charged by […] More

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    Growth Hormone Injections: Uses and Side Effects

    Hormones play a significant role in the body. They play a part in controlling nearly every major body function, including growth. If their body does not produce enough, a person may need to have growth hormone injections. Different hormones are responsible for controlling various body functions and processes. Hormones control processes such as: Growth and […] More

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    22 New Lunges to Supercharge Leg Day

    Overview Lunges are one of the best lower-body, body-weight exercises you can do because they target your quads, hamstrings and glutes simultaneously. But constant repetitions of the same standard lunges get boring. And what’s worse, your body adjusts to the same movement pattern and you stop seeing results. The best way to prevent that? These […] More

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    5 Reasons Swimming is a Great Workout

    Finding the perfect exercise regimen can feel like its own workout. Running might be too uninteresting, Crossfit could be too intimidating, spinning classes may be too loud. Enter this tried and true workout you may not have considered: swimming. Sure, the exercise may seem like a hassle. You have to carve out a chunk of […] More

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    Even if you’re all about frying fat this time of year, sooner or later you’re going to want to add size. Make sure you do it right. It can take years to construct a building, but it only takes seconds to destroy one. The same holds true for the body. It is easier to lose […] More

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    Boost Your Workout With Caffeine

    Get the scoop on how caffeine, the world’s most popular stimulant, can jack up your workout without keeping you up! Nothing delivers a bigger kick in the pants before a workout than caffeine. It’s no wonder that caffeinated pills and drinks are the most common supplement category among bodybuilders, athletes, and gym-goers. Study after study […] More

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