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    Higher: Cannabis as Holistic Herb for Extreme Athletes and Sliding Sport Enthusiasts

    According to the British Journal of Sport Medicine, “Athletes engaged in extreme sports are likely to use cannabis.” Many who’ve stood in a chairlift line at a winter resort, walked past a skatepark that’s just off the beaten path, or sat barefoot on a beach while surfers ride lunar nudges to the sea would know […] More

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    10 Easy Swaps To Spend More Time In Nature

    Whether you’re working or relaxing, it’s all too easy today to get stuck indoors (usually in a sedentary position, in front of a screen, no less). But if you’ve gotten into the habit of wandering outside for a break, you know how good even the urban version of nature can be for the body and […] More

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    5 Hikes To Experience In This Lifetime

    Getting outside can nourish your mind, body and soul, and hiking is a great way to make sure you’re taking in as much nature at one time as possible. So when A Wilder Life, a season-by-season guide to getting in touch with nature landed on our desk, it was only fair to share some of […] More

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    10 Great Reasons To Get Outside More Often

    Humans are drawn to nature. We feel better when we spend time in forests, gardens, or parks. Edward O. Wilson termed this desire to connect with nature “biophilia.” It implies that an instinctive bond exists between humans and other living systems. Similar ideas are echoed in the cultural practices of friluftsliv, the Scandinavian philosophy of […] More

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    Yes, You Can Take Great Nature Photos. Here’s How

    There’s nothing quite as invigorating, physically and psychologically, as time spent amidst beautiful landscapes — especially when they’re free of crowds and at their aesthetic best in the soft light of day’s beginning or end. The best way to preserve memories of your experiences is by taking a camera with you and capturing these scenes […] More

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    An 85-Year-Old Great Grandmother Just Summited Mount Kilimanjaro

    Talk about hitting your peak late in the game (pun intended). Anne Lorimore, an 85-year-old great-grandmother from Arizona, is believed to be the oldest person ever to climb Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, reports KPHO. She’s just waiting for the confirmation from Guinness officials. And it’s not like she just barely made it; […] More

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    Why You Need To Try Japanese Forest Bathing

    Forest bathing isn’t the kind of bath where you strip down and hop in a tub. It’s about basking in nature, in greenery — and you can wear whatever you want. Forest bathing is a literal translation of shinrin-yoku, a term coined by the Japanese government in 1982 to encourage urbanites to immerse themselves in […] More

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    7 Science-Backed Reasons To Get Your Kids Outside

    Most of us intuitively know that we feel better when we spend time outside. But sadly, as our lives become more dependent on technology, we are increasingly disconnected from the Earth — and this disconnect could be harming our children more than we think. Acknowledging the adverse effects on children’s well being, author Richard Louv […] More