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    What’s Keto Flu and How Do You Cure it?

    Bloopost Ketoflu

    You’ve decided to try the keto diet. The low-carb, high-fat diet can be great for performance and decreasing body weight, but the body needs a little bit of time to adapt to fat as an energy source. Often, there are some symptoms involved during this period of adaptation. It’s called the “keto flu,” a commonly-experienced set […] More

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    Carb Cycling Guide for Athletes

    10,080–that’s how many minutes are in a week. Maintaining a diet through all those minutes, for weeks or months, requires supreme, almost unwavering willpower. Even The Rock doesn’t do it; his Sunday night cheat meals are stuff of legend, consisting of thousands of calories of his favorite food. The social side of dieting is tough. […] More

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    Muscle Recovery: Essential to Your Next Workout

    The moment every athlete wants to avoid. POP! A muscle gives at the gym or on the track, leading to weeks of rehab. Sometimes it’s not even a single moment, but rather, countless hours of overuse that leads a muscle to strain or tear. To avoid rehab, athletes need to be thinking about pre-hab. Get […] More

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    Higher: Cannabis as Holistic Herb for Extreme Athletes and Sliding Sport Enthusiasts

    According to the British Journal of Sport Medicine, “Athletes engaged in extreme sports are likely to use cannabis.” Many who’ve stood in a chairlift line at a winter resort, walked past a skatepark that’s just off the beaten path, or sat barefoot on a beach while surfers ride lunar nudges to the sea would know […] More

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    Supplements for Runners: From Training to Recovery

    The goal of exercise is to break the body down. Yes, you read that correctly. Looking back at our evolutionary biological roots, when we put our bodies through difficult situations, we wanted them to adapt–maybe to go for longer without food, maybe so we could detect a smell that told us certain berries were poisonous, […] More

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    How to Add Cross Training to Your Workouts

    Dedicated training is something to be admired. Many athletes strive for the ability to get up and get out every single day whether it’s for a specific race or event or even, simply driven by a goal. Often that can mean adhering to a training plan based on both repetition and incrementally increased difficulty–monotony and […] More

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    Top 3 Ways To Test For Ketosis

    Why should you care about how high your ketone levels are? HVMN takes a systems engineering approach to human performance: optimize inputs to achieve desired performance outputs. Understanding blood ketone levels adds transparency and data fundamental to biohacking. It offers insight into where you might feel best, or help optimize diet to achieve personal goals. […] More

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    Disney’s Wellness Program Re-Imagined with Games and Financial Rewards

    Disney is a world unto its own. It likes to do things its way. Like being self-insured and calling its workers “cast members,” not employees. From the electrician to the churros cart vendor to the parade performers, everyone is on display–in the “show.” They demand the coordination and perfection of a live performance. Like spokes […] More

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    8 Yoga Poses to Help Ease Lower Back Pain

    Herniated disks, pinched nerves, strained muscles, poor posture — lower back pain can stem from many places. In fact, roughly 80 percent of adults will experience back aches at some point in their lives and roughly one-third of adults have complained of lower back pain in the past three months. Considering back pain is also [...]
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    10 Tricks to Learn to Love Running

    Running is boring. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s lonely. And it doesn’t give you immediate results. Right? While we don’t think any of these are necessarily good excuses (or altogether true!), we do understand it’s not always love at first run for anyone who ever decides to lace up and hit the pavement. Set a [...]
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    Why I Have a Morning Routine and How It Makes Me Sharper Every Day

    Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, remarked that approximately 95% of our society settles for less than what they want in life. In fact, Elrod hit rock bottom after a tragic car accident. Then one morning he decided to go for a run and listen to a podcast and he was hooked. Once he committed to [...]
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