Waking up through Plant Consciousness

“You are what you eat” was the most pertinent lifestyle lesson that I learned in 18 years of formal western education. And in the case of herbal medicine… we adopt the consciousness of the herbs themselves.

What are you talking about, herbs have a consciousness?

My innate senses seem to increase with every sip of herbal tea; and although the herbs have amazing positive effects on the physical body like improved circulation or immunity, it is this increase in awareness that is truly the most rewarding aspect of integrating herbal medicine into my lifestyle.

Plant Consciousness is ultimately the idea of being more plant-like. In becoming more plant like, we adopt the simplicity, immunity, suppleness, peacefulness, fertility, hydration, minerals, vitamins, alkalinity, and vibrations of the plants themselves.

So how can plant consciousness help me?

Think about the last time you felt thirsty but were distracted from getting that glass of water; or had to go to the bathroom but instead waited several hours to relieve yourself; or felt stuffed from overeating, yet still finished your whole plate anyway? How could you be so unconscious and lack the will power as to not follow your true feelings?

Every moment that your body unconsciously waits for that long past overdue glass of water, or a “free” moment to go to the bathroom, the mind, body and soul connection becomes more and more disabled and confused. It almost forgets it is thirsty, as it loses more and more water. The breath begins to shorten as time passes, and circulation consequently slows down. Inevitably, we sprint to the bathroom in an “emergency”; or are forced to guzzle water to replenish a dehydrated system; or get “sick” in order to detox the excess waste from overeating. No “conscious” person would choose such a fate in real time. Think about the innate instincts of a dog or wild animal that knows just what to eat based on smell and other senses.

The herbs awaken your innate senses by providing diverse vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from the soil to the body. Each herb is comprised of different constituents of vitamins and minerals, including trace elements in the soil. It is these diverse vitamins and minerals that awaken consciousness and open doors in your body, mind and spirit that may have been dormant for some time.

Through high frequency herbal medicine, we increase our own awareness to our breath and our environment; tuning into our innate senses like taste, feel, smell, touch; as well as positive emotions like happiness, compassion, and love. The herbs wake us up to what our SELF is telling us to do, all the while supporting our will power to act on such intuitive positive feelings.

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