The virtual office: the most eco friendly office solution

A virtual office can offer a business more benefits compared to having a physical office. A virtual office space allows a business owner to reduce the cost of production and utilize a prestigious address and location to optimize networking. If you’re looking for office space lease, a virtual office can help you to establish a professional corporate image for your startup. Apart from helping you to reduce operating costs, a virtual office can also allow you, your workers and other contractors to work from the comfort of your home. Seeing that global warming is such a huge concern nowadays, a virtual office can also be considered an environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to office space. The following are three key reasons why you should consider having a virtual office space.

Avoid long commutes

Operating a virtual office will eliminate employee commutes, which means that they can use the time they spend getting ready for work and traveling to the office in a productive capacity. If you can avoid having your employees commuting over long distances, they will use less gasoline thereby reducing harmful vehicle emissions, which means that the environment will be protected. In addition, your employee’s vehicles will suffer less wear and tear, meaning that they can have the same car for many more years. Even though it is possible to recycle some parts from old vehicles, about a fifth of any car cannot be recycled and so it is disposed in a landfill, which is harmful to the environment.

Reduce your utility costs

A physical office space requires a lot of money to operate, and here we’re talking about overheads like rent and utilities such as electricity, water and gas. In a typical office building, lighting, heating, and cooling represent between 54 and 71 percent of total use depending on the climate. In addition, energy can gobble up 20 percent of your total expenses. So if you have your employees working remotely through a virtual office, they can use their own utilities and when you break it down, you will discover that this will have a lower impact on our environment.

For instance, your employees are already spending a lot of money lighting, heating, and cooling their homes and so a virtual office space eliminates the need for extra utilities required in a physical office. A typical office will also need bright fluorescent lights because of the amount of space involved. However, many people use energy saving bulbs at home and the fact that they may have people at home during office hours means that extra lighting is not being used in a physical office.

Better health for employees

When an employee falls sick, he or she can spread the illness to colleagues because of working at close quarters. However, if that employee works from home, the illness will not be spread and this means a healthier workforce. While many employees disinfect their offices regularly, it can’t completely eliminate the spread of infections at the office. And while the disinfectants used are marketed as environmentally friendly, many of them are not. So to avoid harming the environment through such disinfectants, consider ditching your expensive New York office lease for a virtual office. By running a virtual office space, you, your employees and even the environment will benefit, and you can also save some money while protecting Mother Nature.

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