The Newspaper Industry and Binary Options Trading Market

Newspapers have traditionally been one of the main sources of news, advertising and other important information that people need to know about. In 1970, the newspaper business was an excellent industry to invest in because it yielded an average return on investment of around 20% per year. The only major maintenance cost was replacing the printing press every 20 years. Since the 1990s, the traditional newspaper industry has declined with a 19% drop in newspaper circulation in the United States from the years 1990-2008. This is mainly due to the competition of 24-hour television news channels, online news, advertising and other electronic ways of sharing information.

Binary Options Trading Market

The flow of news and information plays a very important role in the effective functioning of a society and consequently the functioning of its economy. Before the Internet, newspapers were one of the very few sources of information in terms of news, financial markets, trading and other business information. Nowadays, there are many updated sources of information available through the Internet. Despite the shift to online and offline electronic media, the newspaper industry still remains relevant to the binary options trading market.  This occurs directly through financial news reportage and indirectly through publicly traded companies that own many newspapers. The entire process has an impact on share prices, indices, commodity prices and currency exchange rates.

Quality of News

The quality of news that a newspaper is able to produce is dependent on a variety of factors. This includes the newspaper’s budget, the experience and integrity of the journalists and photographers and the level of freedom they have.

Digital Newspapers, Multimedia and Hand-held Devices

The Internet allows the consumer to access high quality news tailored to their preferences. It also offers breaking news updates, and most relevantly, updated stock market and other financial information throughout the day. This requires journalists and other editorial staff to produce news articles quicker than with traditional print newspapers. Today, most newspapers have a major online presence and many are phasing out traditional print media. Since the launch of The American Reporter in 1995, the first exclusively digital newspaper, there have been many other digital newspapers launched across the globe.

Multimedia integrates text with streaming audio and video and is very popular with digital newspapers. It integrates newspaper, television and radio, which were considered 3 distinct categories of media before the 1990s.

Hand-held devices, such as iPhones and smartphones, enable users to read online newspapers with ease wherever they are located. Most modern digital newspaper publishing systems allow content editors to enter the content once for multiple formats, including regular internet browsers and hand-held devices. This is a major improvement from the earlier publishing systems when the content needed to be entered an additional time for each format.


Traditionally, the majority of newspaper revenue has come from advertising and circulation. Until the 1990s, almost every industry utilized newspaper advertising as a primary form of advertising. People used newspaper classifieds sections for various announcements, such as car sales. Today, newspapers have a much lower circulation rate and there are many other advertising options available through social media and online mediums that are usually cheaper and target specific audiences. In the last 10 years, social media including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube have become major sources of news and classifieds, especially amongst young generations. As a result of all these changes, the profitability of newspapers has significantly declined and many major newspapers have reported losses over the last 20 years.

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