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A moment of perfect synchronicity should be cherished. This means, if you are someone who only likes to eat muffin tops, when and if you find the person who only likes to eat what’s contained in the paper cup, you can indulge your favourites without any waste (and less waist, for that matter). If you like only the chocolate side of a deli black-and-white cookie, a friend who likes only the vanilla white fondant side is a perfect dessert dining-companion.  This suggestive theory is not only applicable to eating options, but can and should be considered for other matters and may prove to be the key to a good relationship – it’s certainly the key to a good working relationship.

That said, you may be the inventor and distributor of a marvellous product or products, found in online websites or in catalogues you receive in the mail. You’re proud of your creation(s), you revel in its critical success, you love creating the marketing for it, organising what trade shows you want to attend, photographing your item(s) from every angle, hiring your budding staff. If it’s part of the development, you love choosing colours and patterns, welcome innovative suggestions from partners.

Doing What You Love

But the one thing – the only thing – you really, really dislike dealing with is the packing and shipping aspect. You think – I created and developed the product (or signed on to be a distributor for something I believe in), but I really, really do not like the process of purchasing bulk shipping materials, organizing the labels and packing. You, my friend, are in luck. Fortunately, there is a pick packer service that will allow you to revel in doing all the aspects of the business you love, and will take care of the job you find most tedious.


Reliability is imperative, because while your product may be in its ideal state, customers are very concerned with – and often base their reviews on – the efficiency of the delivery of your product to their home.

Look for:

  • Same-Day Dispatch
  • Transparent Online Access
  • Quality Control and Online Tracking

Each of these elements represent the key to running an effective business (because, after all, your esteemed and precious business cannot separated from the pick and pack aspect. For your business to garner the best success rate, the highest ratings and the most recommended and supportive reviews, you need to have a holistic approach and take a look at the business in its entirety. In effect, the company you hire to be a pick packer service will be part of your company, and under the umbrella of your good name.

Timing is everything

The best pick packer service offers a system that ensures all orders are dispatched within 24-hours and any orders placed by 2:30 p.m. are pick, packed, and dispatched within the same day. The company you choose should allow you to dictate any rules regarding what you consider acceptable delivery timing – as you assess the line between speed and cost.

Online Access 24/7

No, you are not a “control-freak” for wanting to know and have complete access to the status of items you’ve “handed over” to a pick packer.

Monitoring Each Step of the Way

A professional pick packer must monitor each step of the Pick and Pack process – all the while paying close attention to any modified, special instructions for each order. An independent packer should be checking for the accuracy of all picks. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it here) that parcels must be tracked after dispatch, too.

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