Natural Home Cleaning Tips

Toxic cleaning products and habits pose health risks to your family and are harmful to the environment. Green cleaning is inexpensive compared to the cost of buying chemical-based cleaning products. Changing from toxic to eco friendly cleaning products will help you save costs especially when you use products that are readily available at home. Here are some natural home cleaning tipsto get you started.

1. Use green cleaning products

The first step is to replace toxic cleaning products with green products. Eco friendly products are readily available in the market. Check the labels and confirm that the products are not petroleum-based or toxic. Any product with a warning or hazard sign on the label is most likely toxic. Alternatively, you can use products like vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon, borax, washing soda, and citrus solvent to clean your home. These products can clean almost all surfaces in your home. They are readily available and inexpensive.

2. Preparing your own cleaning solutions

Combining some natural cleaning products produces effective detergents. Most of the green products in the market are made of natural products including salt, lemon, baking soda, and vinegar among others. The natural products are more effective when combined. You can learn how to prepare different cleaning solutions through online tutorials. For instance, a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and water is an all purpose cleaning solution.

3. Use natural solutions to improve air quality

Air fresheners are widely used in homes to improve the quality of air. They may have unique fragrances but they are toxic to the environment and can cause allergies. One simple way of improving air quality is enhancing ventilation in your house. Keep your windows open as long as possible. Some natural products such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda absorb bad smells especially from utensils. Add these products when cleaning your dishes to reduce odors in your home. Alternatively, you can place a few houseplants and flowers in your home.

4. Hire a cleaning service

Home cleaners can help you keep your home clean without polluting the environment. Before you hire any service, ask if they use green products to clean or if they are willing to switch to green products. You can also ask the home cleaners if they are willing to use your products. Your first consideration when hiring a home cleaner in North York should be their willingness to use green cleaning solutions.

5. Use homemade pesticides

Conventional pesticides are toxic and pose health risks when inhaled continually. Controlling pests is a challenge in many homes. You can either buy green pesticides or prepare them at home. Some natural pesticides include onion and garlic solution, boric acid, orange oil, tobacco, sodium chloride and neem juice. Each of these products kills specific pests. You can learn how to prepare natural pesticides online or seek advice from a veterinary service in your area.

6. Adopt healthy habits

Simple habits such as leaving all shoes outside keep your home clean and free of toxic materials. Develop the habit of giving away or disposing items in your home that you no longer need such as old clothes, shoes, newspapers and magazines. Such items accumulate dust and limit ventilation in your house.

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