Is Working from Home Better for Your Health?

Is Working from Home Better for Your Health?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know just what’s healthy and what isn’t. With tons of conflicting advice – separating fact from fiction can often be difficult. So, is working from home better or worse for your health? The real answer is: it depends. We’re going to look at some of the factors related to working from home that could affect your health.

Reduced stress

Stress and general wellbeing can make a big difference to your health – and this is one of the main areas where working from home can make a big difference. Being in a loud, busy office isn’t always best for your mood and stress levels – so getting out of there for a while could help make things better.

Sitting in traffic every day for a few hours isn’t great either – so getting up and getting straight to work could not only be more productive, but less stressful too. You’ll also breath in a lot of fumes in traffic that you don’t even realise, so there’s another benefit to staying home.


How good your home workspace is for your health really depends on a number of factors. If you’ve created a stress-free environment, that’s great – but not all home offices are any better than ones “at work”. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space and you aren’t distracted too often.


One way actually going to work can be good for you is the additional exercise you get. You might need to walk around a large office often, whereas staying at home leaves you relatively stationary. Another huge bonus is if you’re able to walk to work. If you do decide to work from home more often, make sure you replace any exercise you might have lost.
Social interaction

Actually talking to people can do wonders for general wellbeing – so make sure you’re not missing out on social interaction by staying at home.


Working from home can be good for you, but you need to make sure your work office is set up correctly and you’re still getting the social and exercise benefits you would be when going to work. As with most things, moderation is key. Working from home just one or two days a week could be the best advice, so you get a nice change in routine without losing all the benefits of going to work.

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