Fun, Easy Online Workouts to Lose More Weight

Lose weight at home with online workouts tailored just for you

If you are an exerciser who likes to work out at home, you now have more options than ever. The days of choosing from a handful of DVDs or a short line-up of cable fitness channels are gone.  Today, fitness aficionados with a computer or a smartphone have access to a wide variety of workouts to use whenever and wherever they want.  There are mainstream classes like cardiosculpt and kickboxing as well as specialty workouts to choose from.

And if you are on a budget, there’s more good news.  Most of these workouts are cheaper than a class at the gym and some are even free!  Give one of these online workouts a try to spice up your home exercise program and lose more weight.

13 Fun and Easy Online Workouts

  • FitnessGlo. I use these workouts all the time because sometimes I don’t always have time to go to the gym for a yoga class or quick stretching session. So I do a 15 or 30 minute session with my favorite FitnessGlo instructor, Denise Klatte.  Looking for something more vigorous? There are perfectly programmed 8-week programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers.  There’s even a program targeted specifically for busy brides! You can try the service for free, but after the introduction, membership is $12.
  • DailyBurn  This subscription website provides a wide range of workouts programmed to meet your specific goals. There are workouts to lose weight, home exercise sessions to help you sculpt your core and even a pregnancy series to help moms-to-be.  The site also offers one-on-one coaching depending on your membership level.
  • Wello  If you prefer one on one attention, check out Wello.  This unique service allows you to sign up for personal or small group training with a certified expert at a time that is convenient for you.  Then, use your computer camera to connect.  During the session, the trainer can see your form and answer questions or make corrections as needed.
  • Helpouts by Google.  This library of how-to services provides both free and paid workouts.  Choose a trainer based on your needs, your interests and your budget. High quality coaches, like Paige Waehner, the Exercise Expert, are available at your convenience. If payment is required, you can pay using your Google Wallet.
  • Nike Training Club App Got a smartphone?  Then you’ve got no excuse to skip your work out.  Download this workout app to use N+TC Workouts anytime and anywhere. Cool graphics make the app both easy and fun to use.
  • Peloton Cycle  If your budget allows for a piece of solid workout equipment, then consider a Peloton Cycle.  This spin bike comes with a computer console that connects you to a live instructor who is teaching a studio class in New York City.  You can see her and she can see you.  During class, she’ll watch your progress and provide tips and motivation.  The bike is not cheap, however. You’ll spend $1,995 on the bike and your subscription to the classes will run 39.95 per month.
  • BeFit  Have a favorite celebrity trainer? If so, you might find them at BeFit on YouTube.  You can choose individual workouts to fit your interests or choose one of the BeFiT Workout Systems, bundled workouts that help you reach a specific goal like the 30 Day Fat Burn Workouts or the 30 Day 6 Pack Abs Workouts.
  • Simple Home Strength Training Workouts. If you prefer a no-nonsense approach to exercise, don’t worry.  You don’t need to stream live videos or hook up your laptop camera to work out.  Grab a set of dumbbells and do one of these three simple strength workouts in your living room.
  • 30 Minute Home Workout by Celebrity Trainer JR Allen  When you are ready to bump it up a notch at home, try this quick fat burning workout by JR Allen, the same trainer who coaches Mary J. Blige.  Use weights if you have them, but no equipment is required.
  • Crunch Live, Crunch Gym provides a membership service that allows users to select from a library of workouts at home. Classes include popular workouts like Ass & Abs, as well as trendy sessions like Gospel House Aerobics.
  • Exercise at  Certified trainer Paige Waehner provides complete workouts, a huge library of specific exercises and workout tips on her site. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do it now.
  • Flirty Girl Fitness This spicy outlet streams classes from their Toronto studio each day. Users from around the world can take part in the class in real time or watch a recorded version at a later time.

Have you tried an online workout that you love? Tell me about it! Post it on my Facebook page and I’ll give it a try.

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