Catching a cold could be a blessing in disguise

The common cold is probably the most poorly understood health complaint.

Most of us look at a cold as an irritating pain in the okole (Hawaiian for butt), caused by some “virus” going around. So what do we do? We direct all of our efforts to eliminate by any means possible and in as short a time a time as possible, the various uncomfortable symptoms.

The first thing that’s done is to visit a drug store with their unbelievable arsenal of weapons to wipe out this enemy, the common cold with antipyretics, to wipe out a fever, antihistamines, decongestants, sedatives and much, much more.

These treatments are given to us in childhood, recommended daily on TV, and of course, what the man in white advises. Yet, strange as it may seem, this is the worst possible of all courses to follow.

The common cold is not an infection that jumps out from behind a bush and attacks an innocent, unsuspecting passerby. It is not a disease whose symptoms are best suppressed or shut of like a leaky faucet.

A cold is not a disease. It is rather the cure of disease.

What’s important to understand about a cold is that these myriads of symptoms usually present are actions, not reactions by the body in an attempt to establish internal balance or equilibrium. The cold is the body’s defense mechanisms working to reestablish balance and once this can be seen to be true, then to suppress this action by the body is not a reasonable course of action.

The original causes of the imbalance that the body is attempting to correct may be multiple with an improper diet being the most influential factor.

An excess of dairy products and refined carbohydrates will cause an increase in the amount of mucus formed by the body causing the bodily fluids to become more sticky and acidic. Add coffee, tea, spices, salt, alcohol, cigarettes, lack of exercise and stress, and acidity becomes rampant.

Toxicity is the second major factor. Toxicity implies that something detrimental has accumulated within the body and may be due to simple excess consumption on normal food elements beyond the body’s capacity to deal with effectively.

Excess animal fats will cause the liver to work overtime on their metabolism. Also, toxic pesticides, food colorings, hormones, heavy metals and preservatives, all found in the average diet, must be detoxified by the liver as well or stored in the tissues. The same is true of toxins caused by excess alcohol or drug use.

Take all of the above and add in poor elimination due to constipation, lack of demanding exercise, smoking tobacco, vitamin deficiency, and environmental air and water pollution and it’s easy to see how the body’s vitality and ability to maintain inner balance becomes compromised.

What the body is doing is trying desperately to counterbalance these adverse factors. Once toxic levels reach an unacceptable level, the body acts to clear the crippling debris.

It opens up all the channels of elimination and does its best to rid the body of the toxins.

The nose begins to run and the excess mucus stimulates both sneezing and coughing to help expel the blockages. Then, sometimes, vomiting and diarrhea take over to clean out the stomach and intestine. Fever then comes to increase the general speed of metabolism and circulation, and promotes perspiration to rid the body of toxins and to help burn up and destroy any secondary bacteria or virus that may have taken hold in the more favorable environment created by downgraded health.

If the body is acting out of an innate intelligence, which is how it must be because we cannot direct our body’s heartbeat or other life-sustaining activities, then it is reasonable that we encourage, not discourage, its healing actions.

So, instead of suppressing our cold by the use of drugs, we have to stimulate and aid the body’s actions.

In a healthy individual a cold needs little or no encouragement. If general vitality is high to begin with, all one needs to do is, almost as the TV advertisements say, “Rest, drink plenty of fluids (unfluoridated water and fresh juices), and don’t take aspirin.” The body will do the rest.

It’s as if the body is going through a “spring cleaning” of all the toxic accumulations stockpiled routinely and almost unavoidably by our out of control, dictating senses, led by the tongue.

Obviously, everyone has to breathe, Yet our air, in most cases, has become toxic due to factory spewing and chemtrails. In an otherwise healthy individual a cold will be moderately intense, short-lived, and if treated properly, will leave the individual feeling in good health after it is over.

Let’s face it, the cold of a healthy individual contrasts sharply with the cold of a sickly person. Rather than the one or two quickly resolving eliminations that are common and acceptable per year, the sicklies will suffer for weeks with the acute stage and could endure a cough for up to two or three months. The end result of this is a feeling of weakness and fatigue, which may become chronic.

This happens for two reasons.

First, the cold usually is treated with drugs, or at least not treated properly with fasting, proper fluids, rest, and soothing herbs.

Second, due to the severity of the internal congestion and toxicity usually due to chronic self-poisoning and suppression of previous attempts by the body to heal itself, the body acts out of desperation, rather than desire.

An analogy can be found comparing the normal cleansing effort undertaken each spring with the effort needed after a flood or a hurricane. In the latter instance great resources are needed. In the case of the sickly person these may simply be unavailable. This is the reason these colds are much more sluggish and prolonged, and also the reason these people often need external assistance to help the body in its attempt at equilibrium.

The aids should not be synthetic drugs, pushed by the “pimp” pharmaceutical industries, and recommended by the “hooker” MDs, as they are no real aid at all. What should be utilized are the simple, gentle measures such as fasting, hydrotherapy, utilizing baths and compresses, etc., and herbs.

The real danger of a cold, if handled improperly, is not only its prolonged nature, but also the possibility of complications such as pneumonia.

If colds ate actively suppressed the body eventually loses its ability to release internal toxins safely with the end result being the development of chronic disease down the road like bronchitis, emphysema, and other serious diseases possibly unrelated to the respiratory tract.

I play ball with guys that brag about never getting colds. Yet, they show absolute disregard for their health by improper diet, excessive drinking and smoking, and excesses of all kinds imaginable. The fact is that they are too sick to get a cold. And these are the guys who are prone to chronic disease, heart disease, heart attacks, cancer, and the rest of society’s so-called degenerative diseases.

A cold is your friend and ally. Do not try to fight it off.

The best course of action during a cold is to encourage elimination through all possible channels so that elimination through only one channel does not become excessive.

Liquid fasting is the best diet during a cold. Grapefruit juice, hot water, lemon and honey, hot water, apple cider vinegar and honey, potassium broth and medicinal herbal teas are most useful.

Mucus-cleansing Diet
For breakfast, eat citrus fruits (mostly grapefruit). For midmorning have some fresh carrot juice. For lunch have a large plate of steamed onions with a little non-GMO soy sauce or Bragg’s Amino Liquid for flavor. For mid-afternoon have some potassium broth (see recipe below) or carrot juice. For supper, same as lunch.

All Fruit Diet
Eat unsprayed and organic fruit or fruit juice other than banana. Banana is considered too starchy for an elimination regimen. Take only one type of fruit per meal. Alternate the juice and fruit every 1 to 2 hours.

Honey/Onion Syrup
Slice a large onion thinly, place in a bowl, and cover with 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey. Cover container tightly and allow to sit for 8 hours. Mash, strain, and take in 1-teaspoon doses four to eight per day. Excellent in mucus conditions.

Potassium Broth
Take ¼ inch of outer peelings of potatoes (including the skin), fresh parsley, unpeeled carrots, beet greens, onions, garlic, and any other organically grown green vegetables on hand. Prepare broth by washing and chopping the vegetables and then simmer in a large covered pot of water for 30 to 40 minutes. Strain and drink the essence, discarding the vegetables. The excess can be stored in glass containers in the refrigerator for up to two days.

Herbs (as Tea)

For Colds: Elder Blossom.
For Congestion: Eucalyptus as an inhalant.
For Cough: Coltsfoot; Gum Plant; Ma-Huang; Licorice; Mullein; Squill; Sundew; Wild Cherry Bark; Wild Clover.
For Expectorant: Licorice; Wild Cherry Bark; White Pine.
For Sore Throat: Goldenseal
For Sweating: Peppermint; Pleurisy root.


Wheat Grass: For chlorophyll
Garlic: For general healing
Propolis: For sore throat
Sulfur crystals: For oxygenation and restoration of the cells in the body.

It is never too late to change your diet and it’s never too late to go natural.

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