Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Worms – Black Pepper Tomatoes Kill Parasites

Tomatoes sprinkled with black pepper is an age old Ayurvedic home remedy traditionally used in India for worms. I have seen this work on myself and others. Once, when my mother was having some flatulence and bloating, she called her sister in India who is a library of information of spiritual Hinduism and home remedies. She advised eating a tomato mined with black pepper a day for ten days. After my mother followed her protocol, her problems were cured.

Impressed with the result, I decided to try it myself, especially after seeing the very same remedy in an Ayurvedic book.

How to begin

The protocol is very easy. Simply cut a tomato into small pieces and add some black pepper. Eat this in the morning on an empty stomach. Do this for about 7-10 days depending on your needs. You can also drink a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice 10-15min after consuming the tomatoes. Wait at least 20 min after eating this to allow the remedy to work before consuming meals.

Black Pepper Tomatoes Kill Parasites

This popular inexpensive remedy is common prescribed in Ayurvedic Medicine to cure patients of common intestinal worms.

Some signs of worms

Gas or flatulence


Physical Fatigue

IBS or constipation

Belly fat or bloating

Stubborn acne

Itchiness in rectum


In closing, with all the chemically laced food being produced on a mass scale, it’s imperative to keep your gut clean and free of any unwanted visitors. According to Mayo Clinic researchers, the parasitical infections affect more than a billion people globally! You don’t want trespassers stealing your vital life force while spreading their garbage and filth! Kind of reminds you of politicians, doesn’t it?

Best to you!

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