8 Ways to Make your Business more Environmentally Conscious

Going green benefits your business in several ways. You save costs and improve your bottom line numbers.Going green is also a way of differentiating your business from your competition. Aggressive sustainability campaigns have sensitized most customers on the need to conserve the environment. Consequently, customers are choosing green products and companies. Going green requires participation and cooperation from all your employees. Here are some practices that will make your business more eco friendly.

1. Reduce your energy consumption

You can save energy costs in many ways. Encourage and train your employees to turn off all appliances that are not in use and switch the lights off in unoccupied rooms. Consider replacing your lighting system with energy-saving bulbs such as LED and CFL bulbs. Prioritize green products when replacing electric appliances in your office. Use energy efficient modes of all electric appliances.

2. Reduce the number of shipments

Shipping products in bulk reduces fuel and transportation costs. Review your sales trend to make accurate predictions of future demand. If you are unsure about receiving or delivering your shipment on time, talk to your customs brokers. Your customs broker will advise you on how you can reduce shipments and still meet your customers’ needs on time.

3. Reduce wastes in your office

One way of reducing wastes is reducing switching to paperless communication. Switch from printed and faxed messages to email and telephone communication. This applies to internal and external communication. Print documents only when necessary and use both sides of the paper where possible. In addition, avoid disposable products such as plastic cups and plates in your office.

4. Change the mode of transporting products

Combustion of gasoline and diesel is one the leading sources of carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions contribute to air pollution and global warming. Consider transporting your products using slower modes of transport such as water and railway systems. Such transport systems have lower carbon and fuel consumption levels compared to fast modes of transport such as air and road systems. Customs brokers can guide you on how to shift from air to water transport if you have not used this mode before. With the help reliable customs brokers, shifting to a slower mode of transport should not lead to delays or interruptions in products supply.

5. Buy green products

Buying eco friendly office supplies is a simple way of going green. Ask your suppliers for green products or simply switch to new suppliers who stock green products. Start with simple products such as cleaning products, papers, cartridges, packing bags, and bulbs.

6. Reduce transport costs

Encourage your employees to use public transport, carpool, walk or cycle to work. Another way of saving transport costs is reducing the number of daily trips. For instance, you can reduce the number of field trips and allow employees to work from home where possible.

7. Reduce water consumption

Ensure that taps are not left running after use in your office. Consider purchasing a simple water recycling system if your business consumes large quantities of water.

8. Educate your staff

You cannot implement eco friendly practices in your business without educating your staff. Start by sensitizing your staff on the need to conserve the environment. Communicate the practices outlined above and their importance. Remind your staff consistently of these practices and encourage them to play their roles such closing taps, and switching off lights and appliances after use.

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