6 Ways Your Favorite Recreational Activities Can Improve Your Health

Your favorite recreational activities outdoors aren’t just fun; they can also vastly improve your health.While exercise is always the foremost benefit, there are quite a few hunting and camping activities that will boost your health while you’re having a fun time. Consider some of these benefits as a reason to spend more time outdoors

  1. Good Exercise

When you exercise, you feel better, you take off fat and you prevent a variety of diseases from starting including heart disease. You can burn anywhere from 200 to 300 calories from vigorous hiking and even more with biking—up to 400 or 500 per hour. Even fishing (well, technically fly fishing) can burn up to 200 calories per hour. If you work in the office that’s double the reason to get out and move.Walking around the woods, scouting, target shooting and all the other movements involved in hunting can also burn calories and give a cardio work out.

“Hiking and biking are some of the best recreational forms of exercise. You’d be amazed how many calories you can burn just by getting active out in nature,” said an expert from wellness company, Diet Doc.

2. Fresh Air

Fresh air is a major health booster, especially if you’re by the trees. Fresh air releases serotonin and oxygen, not to mention improving blood pressure and giving your immune system a boost. Simply put, the more time you spend outdoors the more you counteract all the pollution that sitting in a home or office gives you. More oxygen also means you will feel better within days!

3. More Sunlight

Forget all those scares about sunlight and skin cancer. If you’re surrounded by trees blocking much of the sun, you’re completely protected. Besides, the overwhelming majority of the population still does not spend anywhere near the recommended amount of time getting natural sunlight. Most of our Vitamin D comes from dairy— which is not the natural source of energy our bodies crave. Sunlight adjusts melatonin and serotonin levels, which are the chemical that influence your happiness and level of energy. The less sunlight you get, by nature, the unhappier you will feel.

4. Hunting for Lean Meats

If you eat what you catch, whether that’s fish or venison or elk, these are all meats low in fat. Lean meat is better for your heart. Even game birds like partridges and pheasants are lean meat, better than anything you’ll get at the grocery store and definitely containing less in hormones.

5. Get a Better Sleep

You know the best way to battle insomnia? Push yourself to the limit and work all day, hunting, hiking and then fall fast asleep in a tent while camping. After a full day of being active outdoors, you are bound to fall asleep harder and faster, feeling refreshed in the morning.

6. Meditate and Socialize

Lastly, don’t forget the benefits of meditating to yourself alone in the forest under the moonlight and perhaps sharing deep thoughts with your camping buddies. A spokesperson recreational equipment company, Tuttle Motor, says that socializing and meditating are emotional benefits every bit as important as physical ones. “One of the best positives of all camping, hiking and hunting activity is the bonds you can create with friends and family. It’s easier to talk when you’re alone and away from the hectic noise of city life. This is the ideal time to create memories, build or strengthen friendships andeven make new friends of acquaintances. When you’re happier, you live longer and that’s a fact!”

These reminders emphasize the importance of getting outdoors during every season and gettingreacquainted with nature.

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