5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Eco Friendly

The world is turning away from the traditional norm of living and constantly embracing new ways that are environmentally conscious. One such way is through the use of eco friendly products. Almost all industries including the automobile sector are well aware of the importance of using such products and ways of maintaining the environment. The home sector has not been left behind. Although the bathroom is one of the many rooms in any house, it’s of utter importance to make it eco friendly. This is because a lot of wastes and water go through the bathroom.

Utilize modern low-flow toilets

Installing a low-flow toilet is undoubtedly the best way to kick off the process of renovating your bathroom to be eco friendly. Statistics show that the bathroom consumes approximately 27% of all the water used in the house. This is awfully a lot of water compared to what is being used in the kitchen. Low-flow toilets are efficient in ensuring that the amount of water used in drastically minimized. Toronto plumbers specialize in installing such toilets at a very low cost. Furthermore, low-flow toilets minimize the possibility of drain snaking which is a nightmare to many homes.

Use low energy bulbs

Going green entails all the aspects of conserving the environment including the energy. Thanks to advancement in technology, LED light bulbs have proven to be more effective in getting the job done. This is because they will help you minimize the amount of energy being consumed, thus saving you money. At the same time, LED light bulbs provide the same ambient and cozy temperature and amount of light as the other bulbs. Furthermore, LED bulbs are more durable hence reducing the chance of replacing bulbs.

Install energy efficient vent fan

Maintaining a healthy moisture in the bathroom is very important for your general health. Serene moisture helps prevent the formation of molds on the wall of your bathroom which is very dangerous. Toronto plumber’s advice on using vent fans to ensure that there is good circulation of air in your bathroom. However, not all vent fans are effective – even though they may do the job done. In ensuring that your bathroom is Eco friendly, ensure to utilize energy star rated vent fans. This is because they are designed to use less energy thus helping you save energy cost.

Use sustainable and Eco friendly products

Numerous stores today are thronged with an array of bath products including toilet papers, towels and soaps. However, are they all sustainable and Eco friendly? Well, the answer is no! It is therefore important to always buy green organic products that have been certified to be both safe and healthy to your body. Moreover, it is important to ensure that the products you buy are made of Eco friendly ingredients that are organic.

Utilize homemade cleaning products

It goes without saying that the use of harsh cleaning products in cleaning your bathroom is both harmful to your body and the environment at large. Most of these products are sold in the stores around us. However, why not save money by using products that are around your home? Products such as vinegar and soda, which are readily available at your home and are organic can get the job done for you.

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