5 Tips to Find Comfortable Clothes for Babies

The most common problem the new parents face is finding the right clothes for babies. For starters, babies grow fast and the clothing options are numerous. But the biggest challenge is to find cozy clothes that the babies find comfortable. Following are 5 tips to find the comfortable clothes for babies.

The Age of the Baby

Buying cloths for you baby can become significantly easier if the age is kept in consideration. Babies differ from one another so it is important to know which weight range your kid falls into. If you have a new born child who is just a few days old, considering buying comfortable cloths without any sequence and such. For a new born, sleep is very important, thus buy which are comfortable to sleep in. When buying bay suits and sleep suits go for pure cotton fiber.

Don’t buy too many

It is true that Kids need a lot of different cloths Just because kids need so many different clothes, but it will be foolish to buy cloths in a bulk. Small children outgrow their cloths within a matter of months and buying to many cloths will be a total waste at such an early stage. As new born your kid will also be gifted various clothing items from relatives, which will make up for all the cloths you did not buy. But you have to make sure that your child is comfortable with the gifted material.

Choose one size ahead of your baby’s age

Buying a size ahead of your baby is a smart decision as he/ she will outgrow their current cloths within a span of one to two months. Most can wear cloths a size bigger than them. Amidst decisions between sizes, do keep in mind the factor about seasons. Buying cloths for winter in the end of the season is a total waste, within a year your child will grow a significant amount.

Avoid Tight Cloths

Tight items are a nuisance to almost everyone and especially to young kids. Tight bands around the arm, neck, waist or legs can be very uncomfortable for new born babies. They might even cause cuts and irritate skin. Do not make your baby very uncomfortable. Tight clothes are a baby’s worst nightmare, they would restrain the small movements and might cut blood circulation. Avoid tight items for infant’s altogether.

Look Out for Possible Choking Hazards

Are you scared of your child’s swallowing habits? Children have a tendency to put anything and everything in their mouth. Which in turn raises hazards of choking.  Thus it is smart to avoid clothing items with small object attached to them. Even though these cloths look adorable with a butterflies and such attached on them these are choking hazards. And at the end of the day if you can’t resist the cuteness! Give these items an extra tug so that they don’t come off.

Consider Fabric Content

Always check the label before making a purchase! Clothing items for infant comes in a variety of fabrics. Even though natural fabric is good for sensitive baby skin, it is not the most practical choice. Different fabrics have different aspects which we need to keep on consideration. Cotton shrinks up to 10% after the first wash, cotton/polyester blends are less expensive. Baby cloths need a lot of washing, thus see if the item is machine washable.

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