5 Simple Tricks To Remove Pesticides From Your Food (And Detox Your Body)

Many people are going organic these days, but it can be hard to afford an all-organic lifestyle when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) find that high levels of pesticide causes damage to the nervous system, reproductive system, cancer appearance, immune system disorders, defects and deformities at birth.

Today it is very difficult to find vegetables and fruit that are not sprayed. Today, more than 65% of the produce samples analyzed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture actually test positive for pesticide residue.

5 Simple Tricks To Remove Pesticides From Your Food

Vinegar Soak

Whip up a solution with 10 percent white vinegar and 90 percent water and soak your veggies and fruits in them. Stir them around and rinse thoroughly. Be careful while washing fruits like berries, and those with a thin peel as the solution might damage their porous outer-skin.

Homemade Cleaning Spray

The fruits and vegetables that need extra care are the one with accumulated pesticides. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of baking soda and mix well. Then dilute this mixture with one cup of water and use it to spray on the produce and wipe it clean. Never use dish soaps of other detergents to wash the produce as they should not be consumed.

Blanch and Peel

Treat your vegetables to warm water for a short while and this should remove any leftover residue. Peeling is another efficient way to remove residue and comes highly recommended especially when there might be some residue in the crevices of the fruit.

Wash Your Food Right

You can remove almost 75-80% of pesticides washing fruits and vegetables with cold water. However, if you want to try a different, more positive way, wash fruits or vegetables with salt water. This will remove pesticide deposited on their surface. This is especially important for some fruits such as apples, grapes, plums, peaches, pears, mango, guava and vegetables such as tomatoes.

Salt Water

Salt water can be your second option. Make a mixture of 2% salt and 98% water. Soak the products for about 15 minutes. This method will remove most of the pesticide residue from your fruits and veggies. Always take care to wash your produce, even if it is certified organic. Washing, will normally remove about 80% of the pesticide residue.

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