12 Mind Techniques to be Likable

Skills, attitude, knowledge, and smart work are essential elements of a fulfilling and successful life.  Along with these core aspects, a winning personality and a successful life are also dependent on small yet significant factors, such as people skills and networking. It is an established fact that successful people have effective people management skills and have a charisma that attracts followers in all walks of life.

But how does an individual learn people skills and excel in it? Psychology is the science of understanding human behavior and it offers helpful insights about human tendencies and intricacies of various body gestures and movements. By learning and studying these insights you can actually gain an in-depth understanding of others and improve your own personality.

The Internet is flooded with lists and essays of so-called psychological tricks and brain hacks that claim to unlock mysteries of the human mind. However, rarely are these claims backed up by scientific research and therefore it’s better to turn a blind eye to these hollow claims.

So how to find out the psychological hacks that actually work? Here, we present 12 proven and highly effective mind techniques and body language tips that have been learned over the years and have a universal appeal. These sociological and psychological truths make complete sense and people have been practicing them for centuries.

1. Make a note of people’s eye color

It may sound little weird or creepy but noticing people’s eye color is a highly beneficial mind technique. According to psychologists, maintaining eye contact during conversations helps in building confidence and creates a friendly atmosphere. A healthy eye contact keeps the audience interested in you and increases your chances of creating a pleasant impact.

However, maintaining eye contact while speaking is a tough task and very few people can achieve it without losing their focus.

Instead of maintaining eye contact, it is easier to notice the eye color of your audience while speaking. It is simpler but creates the same impression.

2. Be the first or the last

Humans have a natural tendency of forgetting things, especially when too much information is bombarded in quick time. If there is an event or a program, people generally recall the first or the last thing. The middle part on most occasions gets forgotten and people have vague or blur memories of it.

If you are delivering a presentation or participating in some competition, make sure that you go first or at the last.

By doing so, you boost your chances of success. This simple technique can be utilized while going for an interview as well.

3. Watch people’s feet

If you want to know whether people are actually interested in conversing with you, then watch their feet. When you approach a person and if they turn their torso but not their feet at your direction, then it signifies their disinterest in speaking with you.

If people are genuinely interested in speaking with you, their feet will point towards you.

This very basic mind technique allows you to read people’s mind and thus you can save your time and energy by avoiding people who are uninterested in you.

4. Observe people when they laugh

When you are in group and want to know which group member is close to you, then just tell a joke, and observe the people when they laugh. When people laugh, they instinctively look at the individual who is close to them in the group.

You will easily get to know the secret alliances in the group and can manage your group behavior and endeavors in a better way.

5. Use silence to make people talk more

If you want people to reveal their secrets and share their hidden stories with you, then use the power of silence. When a person offers an inadequate response to you, keep quiet and maintain eye contact with that person. Doing so increases the tension and the person will feel pressurized. To release the tension, he or she will speak more.

By being silent you can actually know some untold facts and secrets about people and can leverage this knowledge to your benefit in the future.

6. Stay close to reduce tension

If you are in a meeting and know that someone is going to go after you, then make sure that you sit next to them. Reduced space will help in reducing the tension and the physical closeness also forces the person to calm down. Humans generally are uncomfortable at being aggressive with the person who is sitting right next to them.

The best way to calm a person down is to sit next to them and allow the proximity to kill the tension.

7. Ask for a favor to build trust

It may sound counter-intuitive, but asking for favor actually results in building trust and makes the person like you. If you think that by asking for help, you might annoy people then you are wrong. The Ben Franklin Effect which has been proven correct countless number of times, states that

when you ask for a favor, people think you trust them and want to build relationship with them.

Most people react to it in a positive manner and reciprocate the liking, which results in building friendship and trust.

8. Use people’s name in conversations to stamp your impression

Everyone loves a personalized touch. During conversations, people are bored of monotonous and general statements, and are always searching for something that connects with them.

If you use people’s name during conversations, they feel they are a part of it and are likely to remember you in a pleasant manner.

To perform this effective psychological technique, you need to develop the habit of remembering people’s names quickly. Once you master this habit, you will find no difficulties in following this hack and will end up becoming a more charming communicator.

9. Mirror body language to build trust

If you want people to trust you quickly, then observe their body language and mirror it. When you reinforce people’s body language, they feel an instant connection with you and consider you as one among them.

By mirroring body language, people stop don’t think about you as an outsider and are able to communicate with you in a tension-free atmosphere.

This technique makes people feel comfortable and works as an effective ice breaker.However, the act of reinforcing body language should be done in a subtle way otherwise people may feel that you are aggressive or they may even get offended by your behavior.

10. Become attractive by offering a warm and firm handshake

Handshakes have tremendous power as they are capable of boosting the impact you create on people. A firm handshake indicates confidence and solidarity.

When offering handshake ensure you pack enough power behind it.

Furthermore, our brain makes connections with temperatures. It associates warmness with trustworthiness. Therefore, when you offer a warm handshake, it helps in creating a positive impression. People are more likely to remember warm handshakes as they consider it attractive and a sign of friendliness.

11. Make your date memorable by pumping adrenaline

It is an established fact that activities that pump adrenaline in the body are more memorable and pleasant than other activities.

If you want to make your date impressive then include some adventurous activities in it.

Going for a horror movie  or choosing an adventurous sport like mountain biking is a prudent idea to help ensure that your date is etched in the memory for a long time.

12. Teach to learn

If you want to learn something thoroughly, then teach it to others. When you teach something, you are likely to focus on it more. Teaching requires a high level of concentration and it enables you to understand the topic in a broad manner. Also while teaching, you will recall the essential aspects of the subject and therefore will find it easy to remember them.

When you are trying to learn a difficult topic, find a friend and try teaching the topic to them.

By the end of your teaching session, you will find out that you have gained more depth on the subject. They may even ask you some salient questions helping you to think about this topic from a different angle.

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